Introduction to the Play of Life – Hosted by IAGP

Saturday Feb 27th 2021 10am (Central European Time)

I this short introductory webinar, Carlos will guide us through the neuroscience behind the Play of Life method to explain how we can achieve insight through its application. The Play of Life, a 3D Visualisation and simulation method (3DVSM) expands verbal communication (therapy)
that is a cortical process subject to Cognitive Biasses (Defence Mechanisms) by accessing the Limbic system. Two case studies will be presented and there will be time for questions and answers.

Introducing Two Digital Apps: Play of Life digital and RCompass (virtual sociometry) – Hosted by IAGP

Sunday Feb 28th 10am (Central European Time)

Expanding on day 1 – applications of the Play of Life in digital form, a virtual psychodrama; and RCompass, a virtual Sociometry mapping for family and corporate with algorithms providing quantitative data on relationships to assess Social Atom and family systems.