Supervision to Students of the Play of Life Online Course 

Play of Life supervision is offered to students currently enrolled in the course. This is included in the payment of the course. The supervision included is:

  1. A review of your course progress, self-logs & video-logs. Through each of the modules, you are required to submit self-evaluation logs and 1 video per technique. These videos and logs are reviewed by Play of Life trainers. You will then receive an email reply with any notes. Carlos and Melanie see every comment and question that is made in the online course. If there is ever a comment or question that needs a reply, Carlos or Melanie will be in touch with you to respond. You can also see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section under Help in the online course space.
  2. One Zoom supervision session with Carlos or Melanie at any time in the course. This is available at any time you think is right for you, or if Carlos or Melanie request it from their observation of point 1.
  3. Trimonthly videoconferences. These trimonthly sessions are a place for students and practitioners to come together to share case studies, hear from Carlos and ask any questions. This is at times a group supervision session. You can register at the top of the home page.

We understand that we all have our own individual needs when it comes to supervision. If you require more supervision sessions than listed above, have a look below.

Group Training Supervision

When you are part of Group Training, the supervision you receive is the same as the online course (above) but including Q&A with Carlos & Melanie each week (of the group). Carlos & Melanie also jump in to the breakout rooms to observe your practice sessions with your buddy.

Play of Life Supervision Sessions for Students & Practitioners 

These sessions are available if:

  • you are a current student and require more supervision than offered with the course
  • you a practitioner in the method
  • you have trained with Carlos in the past and interested in finding out about advancements in the method

These supervision sessions are either conducted by Carlos or Melanie. This is dependant on your situation, case, questions etc. For these sessions we require an initial consult with Melanie, free of charge, to determine the supervision appropriate to your needs. Click here to book a consult. 

Play of Life coaching – Personal

If you’re new to the Play of Life and/or would like to have a session with Melanie using the Play of Life, you can book a session with Melanie here.

Cost of coaching:

Australian clients = $200AUD + gst p/h

International clients = $152USD p/h