When buying this course confirms that I’m enrolling in the Play of Life® online course.

I am receiving these materials on the understanding that:

  1. I only use the course of practicing and applying the techniques I have learnt and been accredited in using through the Play of Life course.
  2. I understand the importance of staying strictly within the guidelines I have been taught.
  3. No materials, other than the working templates for the purposes of practicing and applying the techniques, will be copied or reproduced under any circumstances.
  4. Under no circumstances will I attempt to train others in this methodology.
  5. I will only use the Play of Life and it’s techniques in my professional practice upon completion of the course and once I have received my certificate of completion.
  6. I take sole responsibility for taking out any necessary insurance; professional indemnity and/or public liability for myself and the work I do. I understand that Active Learning Centre International takes no responsibility for insuring those using its programs and materials; each licensee operating independently.

The Play of Life looks simple but is not simplistic. To protect the integrity of the implementation of the Play of Life methodology, a thorough immersion in its theoretical foundations and supervised practice of the techniques is essential. Active Learning Centre International is committed to maintaining a high level of professional practice. Thank you for your cooperation.

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