Instead of doing the technique in the session the client is given the template and directions (Pillars of life without figures) to do the technique before the next session.
In the next session, the technique is worked on, the client mentions each pillar quickly stopping in what is necessary.
The client is asked to read the first-person “messages” using their name and with the tone of voice they heard the message in.
This provides very valuable information (to the coach) to better understand what is important to the person. (This also enriches for those who use the Enneagram – the fear of the Enneatype is seen through the messages e.g. [Ennea 2] “I love you”.)
Then, you work in the moment when the person feels “not well” (in the middle of the stage) and focusing on the message that produces a positive change.
It’s important to ask “do you believe in that message?”
And work on it if the person says NO