Writing the message in “first person” is for many a strange process.
• It’s not “I feel loved”
• It’s: I love you so much!

It is also important when the client repeats the message, to add how the person in the message “called” them (perhaps a nickname, in Carlos’ case it would be: Carlitos, I love you very much) And if the message was in another language, have the client say it in the language they heard it in, even if the coach does not understand it.

• Copy the tone of voice
• Ask the client to repeat it a few times (2-3)
• The coach can also say the message (including the tone of voice and nickname) a few times to the client.

The important thing here is to “warm-up” the actor to the situation, to bring the person to the here and now. Make the person “relive” the situation and “listen” with emotional ears, ears of the soul, of what it is that person/people, in that memory, tell them.