Asking what message would you “listen to now” is used in other techniques, but NOT in the Pillars of Life.
The client speaks in “present tense AS he/she heard the message “at that time”, the client makes it “anew” in their mind. It’s based on the on the psychodrama premise of the “Here and Now”.
For some clients this process could take longer, especially if their present situation is felt as blick or they are remembering situations of pain and suffering.
The warm-up to “that situation in the past” is essential. Guide the client to “to be there”, adding what they feel, what they smell, is a sunny day, or is it raining? That creates the warm-up for the memory to be recalled.
NOTE: I Peeling the Onion technique the client is guided to “change” discouraging or oppressive messages for “new” messages.