Outcomes for Module 1. Theory

  • Identify the key principles of successful communication and engagement.
  • Explain the functions of the “Triune Brain” with regards to communication, engagement and behavioral transformation.
  • Describe “The Hinge” (the place of personal behavioural change)
  • Define Neuro-Plasticity and its implications for behavioural modification.
  • Describe the function of a “Container” in the process of behavioural modification and the role of the counsellor/coach as a container.
  • Identify and define Constructive, Fragmenting and Ambivalent roles.
  • Explain how the Play of Life® 3d simulation technology and techniques bypass cognitive bias and affect behavioural change in individuals.
  • Be aware of and avoid “the push”; the tendency for professionals to “lead the witness” through their questioning and personal interpretation which can lead the client to erroneous conclusions.

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innocentbaleke@yahoo.fr · 27 July, 2018 at 6:26 am

Identity and communication are very important thins to have in life.
Many people don’t appreciate who they are and what potential they have, until it is discovered by others,. Some times not knowing who you are can bring confusion and stress. But when you discover who you are, you feel motivated and affirmed as you feel that you can do something positive in life.

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