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Avatar · 8 April, 2019 at 6:53 am

Yes, there was a time I was feeling down and depressed, I was feeling Isolated and I could not speak to anyone. I was thinking that no one could feel or understand the way I was feeling. For sure It doesn't help when you think that way, the more you keep it to yourself the more you continue to suffer from it. Then I went to play soccer with the community friends which always happen every Saturday. When I got there I met one man with his son coming to play too. I said to the man: I am not happy , I am really down and the doctor told me that I am depressed. The man told me This: don't worry mate I went through this for long time but since I started coming here to play soccer, everything started improving, now I am happy with my family. For you to, just do what you enjoy doing and enjoy yourself, you will be good and everything will work well again with you.

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