A 3D method to fast-track insight & behavioural modification – It’s a tool to unlock parts of the brain that are limited by verbal communication.

Play of Life®  is a 3D-simulation technology it transfers subjective concepts and ideas into objective three-dimensional images. The method has been designed to rapidly effect positive transformational change in individuals, teams, groups, organisations, couples or families. It is practical, elegant, respectful and engaging, and people relate to it readily.

The power of the Play of Life® is that it can show the user:

— where they are,

— where they’d like to be,

— and most importantly, the first step they can do to get there!

The Play of Life® has been used around the globe for over 30 years and is applied by professionals in the fields of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Corporate and Life Coaching, Human Resources, Supervision, Spiritual Direction, Supervision Relational Therapy, and Leaders for teamwork.

To incorporate the Play of Life® as part of your professional, coaching, counselling or management Tool Box, you can become certified in a level of the method or accredited for the full use of the method.

Of all the techniques and survey instruments on the market, Play of Life remains our “tool of choice” after 15 years, for helping teams be the best they can be.

-Paul “Mitch” Mitchell, Leadership Coach, Author and Founder of the Human Enterprise